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National Prevention Week

Updated: May 21, 2021

“Drowned the child, to cover the well”, does this popular phrase sound familiar to anyone? Many times, when you have a problem and sometimes it is too late, it is when you seek help and information to try to find the fastest solution at any cost. The question is, why do you have to get to this point, if you can do a lot at all times to avoid unpleasant situations?

We have all heard at some point that prevention is better than regretting, yes, that phrase that many hates, also, "I told you so" is part of the phrases that we would like to avoid hearing.

During the week of May 9 to 15, 2021, the National Prevention Week is celebrated, this initiative aims to raise awareness in society and generate action towards mental health and substance use disorders. Its main objectives are:

· Involve communities in the implementation of prevention strategies.

· Foster alliances and collaborations to improve public health.

· Promote and disseminate quality resources and publications on substance abuse prevention and mental health promotion.

The main topics covered this week through different activities, webinars, talks and conferences are: Prevention of the abuse of prescription drugs and opioids, prevention of consumption and abuse of alcohol among minors, prevention of drug use drugs and marijuana among young people, prevention of tobacco use among young people (electronic cigarettes and vaping) and suicide prevention.

Many will wonder why this celebration is held annually in May, and it is because when summer is next, it is a good time to talk about these issues among the young population since according to the results of the National Survey on the use of SAMHSA Drug and Health (NSDUH), teens and college students use drugs and alcohol for the first time in June or July.

The most effective prevention strategies are those that are practiced and begin at home through simple but constant actions such as good communication, trust, establishing rules, practicing sports, learning, among others, according to the habits of each family.

We can all prevent problems related to the abuse of alcohol or other substances from becoming problems, for this to happen we have to be more empathetic with our community, participate more and get involved in problems that affect the environment where we live.

As parents, it is important to be aware of the changes that can occur in the family environment. When it comes to children, be aware of behavior, relationships with friends, and sudden changes in routines they may experience.

In conclusion, prevention costs us less in all aspects and it is always better to try to prevent things from happening through simple actions every day.

It is true that sometimes we cannot change the course of situations, but when we have the possibility of making small changes to prevent a situation from changing or drastically worsening, such as a leak in the roof, a simple pain that can lead to chronic discomfort, we must act and find the means to know the causes of the problem before it is too late and the measure has to be corrective.


Acerca de la Semana Nacional de Prevención | SAMHSA

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