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Similar but not the same

At first glance many things are similar and sometimes it is difficult to identify some important differences. We all have been in a situation when we acquire an item, which in appearance is what we are looking for but, surprise, when we get home and read the label carefully, it turns out that there was an error and the product purchased is not the one that we wanted, it is common to make mistakes for example with the flavor, color, ingredients and others. That is why you have to be more careful when shopping.

When we talk about products that contain marijuana, beware! we must pay attention to this type of edibles available to our children at home since many times they are not what they seem.

The market is so powerful and has many strategies to position products, often at the expense of public health, that is why as a community we must know which are the most common products that contain toxic substances and be aware so that they do not poison our children.

If children have access to products containing marijuana, the risk of them becoming intoxicated is very high since, at first glance, the wraps of these products can be similar to the originals. A clear example is, the famous Cheetos (see image), where one of the bags, are the regular ones, but the other bag is a product that contains marijuana, specifically tetrahydrocannabinol (THC); but the real problem to identify which one is the real, is when we have the product without the wrapping.

According to data from several Poison Centers in the state of Virginia, the numbers of intoxication of minors is on the rise so we have to be very careful especially now that the legalization of marijuana is legal since July 1, 2021, in Virginia, (if you have not read the article on this topic, you can find it on the Future Latino Coalition webpage).

There are countless products that, as I mentioned, are misleading at first glance and the presentations are varied, from concentrates, extracts, drinks, liquid and solid products, creams, vapers, and others. Sadly, the population that is most at risk, are those under 10 years old, since they usually do not pay attention to the product and the first thing they do, is to take to the mouth whatever edible product they might see and if they are candies, they don’t think twice

On the market, we can find products with marijuana; as cookies, brownies, chips, soft drinks, candies, among others, so it is always recommended to know the origin of what our children consume, although in appearance they do not cause any harm.

It’s recommended to have the Poison Centers’ number on hand to request help if necessary. The number is 1-800-222-1222.

Some tips that are recommended to prevent our children from becoming intoxicated by consuming products with marijuana are:

· Avoid buying these marijuana-containing products that can confuse children at home.

· Store the products in a safe place with difficult access for children, if possible under lock and key.

· Keep products always in their original packaging and never lose sight of them.


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