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Nicotine use and its connection to stress

Daily life can be very complicated for everyone at some point. When you don't have a support system that helps you to navigate more easily, between multiple obligations and tasks or to make them easier to cope with, the situation becomes even more complicated.

Stress is a silent enemy that affects people in different ways and can have disastrous consequences for mental health. The way to combat some of the problems related to stress can be through having someone to trust and talk to, taking well-deserved breaks from daily tasks, disconnection from the virtual world, and very importantly, receiving attention from a professional when the problem becomes more serious. Sometimes strategies to cope with stress are not the most appropriate and can also cause other problems, such as substance abuse.

When behaviors that affect health are normalized, as is the case with the use of vaporizers in youth, we can expect some kind of public health crisis that sooner or later directly impacts families in different ways.

Vaping for young people - because everyone uses vapes it and it is cool, or to fit into friendship circles, - should concern parents and encourage us to look for information about the problems caused by flavored vapers that apparently do not cause any harm but that, according to science, contain nicotine which is highly addictive and affects the good performance of the human body, especially brain development.

Nicotine is an addictive chemical that affects the brain development of young people and can develop severe addictions that in turn cause serious illnesses such as psychosis or schizophrenia.

Prevention efforts have an impact when information is shared and information is available from sources that are credible and with sufficient foundations supported by scientific evidence.

Our responsibility as parents is to inform ourselves so that we can have conversations with our children about the serious effects of the chemicals contained in the products that are burned (vaporization) and that come into direct contact with our children's brain neurons.

There is a misconception when asserting that nothing happens with the use of vaporizers because many believe that it is only water vapor with some flavoring, the truth is that this vapor generated by combustion, contains many chemical substances.

Sometimes we have heard someone who needs caffeine, to wake up or to concentrate and thus be able to perform some activity, or that someone needs to have contact with nature to recharge energies to continue. Let's try to prevent our young people from needing nicotine and thousands of other chemicals present in vaporizers so they can be happy.

The way we know life today and in the midst of so many mismatches, ups, and downs, unexpected changes, problems or social, economic, and other conflicts, of course, they bring negative effects, but let's not allow stress to affect our health, let's find a way to prevent those effects and not be afraid to face them and ask for help.



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