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Expired Medicines at Home

The house is the safest place for the family or at least it is what we think, but this perception changes a lot depending on some things that we have at home and that can represent a danger for everyone.

This is the case of prescription drugs that are expired or that are simply no longer used and that we carelessly have them at home and consequently can fall into the wrong hands and be used for other purposes.

Undoubtedly this is a public health matter, among the main problems that can cause the misuse of medicines are: poisoning, overdose and environmental contamination.

There are effective ways to dispose of these medications. Twice a year there is a nationwide drug collection event, the Take Back Day organized by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). This event takes place during the months of April and October, during the third Saturday of the month from 10am to 2pm at different points. This activity is carried out in collaboration with law enforcement, healthcare professionals, non-profit organizations, volunteers, among others.

Results: April 2021 20th National Take Back

· Total Law Enforcement Participation: 4,425

· Total Collection Sites: 5,060

· Total Weight Collected: 839,543 lbs. (420 Tons)

Some pharmacies collect drugs all the time without any restrictions, it is important to find if we have one near our home and we take to these places our drugs that we no longer need on different dates other than mentioned in this article.

As a responsible of your family, don’t be part of the misuse of medicines, it is important to raise awareness of what these chemicals represent and the most important, act in time to contribute for their proper management, treatment and disposal by the experts.

Unfortunately for some people is easy to flush the pills down the toilet, please do not do this as these substances reach the aquifers, rivers and lakes and are dangerous to everyone's health when the water returns to the community since the filtration processes do not stop all the toxic substances that are present in these chemicals.

It is time to go through the cabinets and drawers to get rid of those medications that we no longer need. Get involved in your local drug drive and help keep this public health problem from wreaking havoc. For this edition, the appointment is October 23 at the times mentioned. Check this link Take Back Day ( to find a place near you.

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