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Community Health, Everyone's Task

There is much that any regular citizen member of a community should do to maintain some order or stability in society. Participating in community work is a way to show our environment that we care and that taking care of each other represents a joint effort, synonymous with collective well-being.

Community health has had great transformations and currently, community centers or health fairs where community health services are regularly offered, have a great commitment to communities, especially for those minority groups that have limitations or barriers to having access to medical services due to factors such as high costs, language barriers or the lack of credible information.

The pandemic has left us with many lessons, but now the challenge is to put into practice what we have learned. When it comes to helping others, we must first help ourselves and then show solidarity, for example, the fact of not going out when we are sick so as not to infect others, speaks of having a sense of responsibility and seeking indirect community health.

As a community, we have to be a little more empathetic with others and put aside certain differences because at the end of the day we sail in the same waters, although in different boats. The actions of some affect others directly or indirectly.

Preventive health is a challenge that we must address. We must give ourselves some time and take advantage of when we have the opportunity to receive preventive health services and that in most cases are completely free services.

Ensuring efficiency in the provision of public health services is undoubtedly a major challenge for governments at different levels, but the task carried out by the different organizations that provide community health services, as well as the contribution that private initiative makes in this hard work is worth admiring because it helps to share the responsibility.

When the population participates actively in approaching these health fairs to receive these services, or that they do so by being part of the teams of volunteers that make the activities easier to cope with, they offer the possibility that the services continue to be offered since everything works as established by the law of supply and demand. If there are community health service providers but the community does not serve, promote, and/or participate, services will eventually cease to be offered.

Minority groups have many difficulties in accessing quality health services with affordable prices or free, so it is necessary to participate actively as a community to try to reduce barriers and guarantee health equally.

Taking care of our health shouldn't be that complicated, and I have to mention it again, when we take care of ourselves we are already starting the path to having quality community health.

To avoid serious health problems such as those that are currently delicately affecting communities such as cancer, hypertension problems, and diabetes among others, we must begin to ask them what we are doing today to be healthy tomorrow.

Many times, chronic diseases can be avoided thanks to simple actions such as regular preventive visits to our family doctor, check-ups, exams, eating a good diet, including exercise in our routine, avoiding alcohol and tobacco as much as possible, and among other measures; are some of the alternatives that can help us to have first-class health over the years.


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