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Buying Dangerous Substances Online

We cannot deny that time ago, yes, something like two or three decades ago, life was different from how we know it and live today. One of the significant changes is the internet that has revolutionized many aspects of everyday life.

Parents' concerns regarding the safety of their children have changed as well. When it comes to access to drugs before the most common thing was for parents to worry about the circle of friends of the children, because there was the fear of a negative influence.

With modernity, access to technologies, and the permanent digital revolution in which the world finds itself, one of the issues that concern parents is access to drugs through the Internet.

No matter how many locks are put on the digital world, it is sometimes overwhelming to think that there is always a way to evade security measures. If before the concern was that, whether or not children should attend a party with friends, because there was a latent risk of accessing substances, now the dilemma is to control the presence of smart devices in everyday life since through them you can acquire illicit drugs.

As we have already mentioned before, there are several things we can do as parents to ensure the safety of children and when trying to prevent the purchase of drugs through the internet, we can use the following tools:

· Open communication: It is not about being the best friend of your children and allowing them to do whatever they want to do, rather it is to have enough confidence with them to talk about everything that worries them, their day-to-day at school, friends, their interests. This way, parents can identify irregular patterns of behavior and moods that can provide clues that something is wrong, and if this is happening, act and help.

· Explain the consequences: When you understand the nature of the cause-effect, that actions bring consequences (negative or positive), you act differently. Understand that there are punishments for wrongdoing, even when talking about the virtual world. Explaining to children about the dangers of drugs that are purchased online and that can contain lethal substances such as fentanyl, is basic.

· Technological monitoring: There are no exact rules established for each family about how much or little time children can spend on electronic devices, but what must be had permanently, is monitoring to know what they are looking for, what webpages they navigate, with whom they interact on social networks, are some of the measures that can be taken.

· Pending deliveries: Receiving suspicious packages, of dubious origin, without the proper labeling for their correct identification, is a sign, correspondence that is not perfectly-identified, you have to open them together and discard any suspicious object.

And what do you do to be aware of what your children do or do not do in the virtual world? The responsibility is everyone's and knowing our environment will help us make our communities safer where healthy coexistence is the protagonist. The risks of overdose from drugs or pills that are purchased online can be prevented, if we are all aware of what gets into the hands of children.


· Buying Drugs Online – What You Should Know & How to Protect Your Kids | Get Smart About Drugs

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