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Art, Culture and Prevention?

Create useful spaces (not only physical) for the community where everyone has the opportunity to develop and demonstrate peacefully, where young people can explore and exploit their potential, where people can live together and demonstrate their talents, where community has the opportunity to share and contribute its cultural wealth; it is one of the best ways to combat some social problems, including the excessive use of substances that are harmful to health.

Thanks to the opening of virtual spaces, the way to share and enjoy art and culture, it is now easier and more accessible, but we must not ignore the need to reconnect with the external, the tangible and with the reality, with today, here and now.

The World Health Organization launched a publication where it takes up the importance of the role of culture and the arts in public health issues. Carrying out or being part of some artistic manifestation allows people to maintain a positive connection with their own environment and with the community, and the most important thing is that according to this study, it allows people to positively promote the culture of the prevention in health issues.

Culture, painting, literature, performing arts, plastic arts, digital art, just to mention a few categories, are widely recommended manifestations to channel energy and promote good health in different areas, such as mental health, depression, emotional health, abuse of substances, eating disorders, cardiovascular diseases and others.

The use of art and culture to promote prevention is not something new, however, it has several ways of being adopted. In the midst of the constant and almost permanent and ephemeral digital revolution, it is relevant to recognize the value of digital media in promoting good health habits, especially when it comes to prevention of alcohol, drug and drug use and other substances.

This task has been focused, mostly on young people in an attempt to find the best ways to cultivate and promote the culture of prevention to have healthier and safer spaces that allow positive coexistence for all members of a community. Prevention itself must be a constant task and must pave the way to avoid or reduce unnecessary problems.

Art works as a therapy that allows people to find themselves. The subjectivity and the connection that occurs in the person with their being, to later move towards the connection with the outside and with the crowd, turns out to be one of the first important steps to start on the path of prevention in health issues. If you are fine with yourself, you know about yourself well enough, you are healthy, and your health habits are an example to follow, you can motivate or inspire others and in this way you are promoting the culture of prevention without realizing it, and If you also connect it with art through any of the mentioned manifestations or others according to your interests and tastes, the result is even better.

The value of time is different for each person, but the responsible use of free time prudently and that in turn keeps the individual away from any problem or risk situation, has a value that goes beyond hours and days, it has more to do with encouraging the use of time wisely in what adds to life.

The responsibility that each person has, especially the parents, to be aware of the use of the children's free time in something positive, is essential for a good development and encourages good coexistence. That is, being aware of the activities that children do on vacation, after school and on the weekend with friends and instilling art and culture as one of the best options to use time wisely, provides the opportunity to take children away from the problems that can be caused by the misuse of free time and that can lead to the precipice and fall into the dangerous world of the use of substances that are harmful to health.

In conclusion, everyone has within them the ability to create, change, innovate and adopt some artistic manifestation. The wide variety of artistic and cultural themes allows each individual to choose and enjoy something, whether in an individual, family or collective environment. It should not be difficult to conduit efforts and a little time into activities such as drawing, creating digital content, enjoying music, attending an exhibition, learning about art history, reading about literature, learning about digital photography, among others. Art and culture, is for everyone and each person has the opportunity to adopt and adapt these manifestations in the best possible way, and if combined with this, it also allows for better health, the result is much better.


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