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Summer Activities

Before writing this article, I began to investigate the infinity of activities that we can do during the Summer depending on age, interests, time available and also on our qualitifications and skills.

The point is not to fulfill or carry out a series of activities defined by someone in particular, the idea is to choose between the many options that exist, which are the ones that interest us the most and those that are within our reach and that we really enjoy doing. For example, something as simple as scheduling an exercise routine, like going for a half hour run every summer day, can be very rewarding for some and maybe not for others, but that's okay, there is always something good for everyone.

The following activities presented in this article is a selection of several activities that exist from hundreds of options and in no way represent everyone's tastes, skills, and abilities. Find in yourself the activities that best suit your lifestyle and your age so that you can do something that is useful in your life.

1. Sport: If when 2021 began one of your purposes was to practice some type of sport but that, for some reason or another, you have not been able to do it, Summer is a good time to start or resume that activity that allows you to de-stress now the time to be in shape.

2. Create: When it comes to creating, a world of options and possibilities opens up. It never represents in any way a waste of time, when creating, reinventing and using the ability to materialize ideas into something new and innovative.

3. Connect: It is always good to create a relationship with the nature and with what we sometimes have in front of us and we do not see it because we are very busy with what takes away our energy and does not allow us to see beyond. The simple and the inexpensive is sometimes what we need the most. Walking, observing around, thanking for the sunny or rainy day, will bring tranquility and peace on a stressful day.

4. Work: Having a job during the Summer is always good, it gives you the opportunity to continue learning something new, discover new environments, or simply allow you to have financial stability that later will be very useful for various projects.

5. Communicate: During the school months, we have many excuses not to call or visit grandparents, friends or any other important person in our lives, but Summer can be a good time and a good excuse to keep the relationship close with those people and make them feel that we do care and that we do not forget about them.

6. Clean: Homework, extracurricular activities, friends, classes and a ton of things, do not allow us to focus on having our space clean in depth as we would like at all times. At this point, cleaning goes beyond removing dust and wiping it, it has to do with getting rid of what is no longer used so that they do not get in the way of cabinets or drawers, it is related to purifying those things that drain energy.

7. Learn: Starting something new will always bring many benefits to our life, add value to what you do or reinvent things you already know. Learning is not always reading and reading and reading, it is also observing, practicing, getting down to work and making mistakes is worth it.

8. Family meal: It does not have to be the typical cookout weekend, but a family breakfast or lunch at home where everyone feels important and that it is a time to share and listen to plans, experiences, or simply tell each other about the day to day and say, how are you doing in ...?

If at any time you feel frustrated, bored, annoyed, angry or any other feeling that oppresses you and does not let you breathe, or that you feel the need to do something new or different, remember that there are many options and many ways to focus your energies and, the feelings towards those things that can add positive values ​​at the individual or collective level, this value, therefore, also adds to a good development of the environment and the community.

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