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Alcohol Abuse in Times of Crisis

During the month of April, awareness about alcohol consumption is celebrated and as part of a follow-up to the subject and related to the previous publication, we have this article that deals with the problem of alcohol abuse in times of crisis. While it is true that drinking alcohol for many is a way to reduce stress and relax, there is a very big difference when this situation gets out of control. Unfortunately, many interconnected facts are what lead a person to abuse alcoholic beverages and other substances.

The fact of being under uncertainty about some situation related to work, family, economic and social life due to a momentary or longer crisis (such as a pandemic), can lead people to lose focus and seek the wrong paths. To try to lessen problems or disguise reality, of course, these options are not always adequate. According to the National Report on the Emotional Impact of the Pandemic, women are more likely to suffer from negative effects, which lead them to hide behind alcohol. Situations such as stress, low productivity, depression, anxiety, few hours of sleep, responsibilities at home, health in general and any other effect related to the confinement itself and the changes in which one interacts with society, are some of the problems that trigger rapprochement with alcohol.

During this pandemic year, there has been a considerable increase in alcohol consumption. There is a fine line between what it means to drink moderately and binge drink. Many experts believe that as long as people feel good and fulfill all their responsibilities and are part of those who drink standard amounts, they have no problem; On the other hand, when obligations are stopped and the fact of consuming alcohol generates problems in the environment, that is when it is necessary to establish limits and put order. There are signs to consider when it comes to alcohol abuse, among which we have: the significant increase in the amount of alcohol consumed, friends and family begin to worry, changes in the sleep routine, drinking begins to modify our daily lives.

Drinking responsibly is a way of understanding parameters, setting limits, knowing yourself. Each person is different and also responsible for their own actions. In conclusion, the best way to deal with stress problems related to the pandemic is through exercise, improving family relationships through the use of technology and despite the fact that the situation is improving significantly, it will take some more time to go back to usual. Seeking help with friends and family is also an alternative, channeling energies into creativity, learning something new, connecting with nature, among other options, help to stay away from the world of alcohol.


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